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The Award-Winning "Recycling Flo"

When Jake meets an intriguing young woman, Fran, at a party, sparks fly. This heat leads to a torrid affair featuring breathless sexual gymnastics in imaginative places (the top of the washing machine during the spin cycle, for example). This mad bliss grinds to a halt with the arrival of Fran's dog Flo, who moves in with her own ideas about bedroom activities, as well as poor table manners and a very exotic skin condition. The sex becomes less and less gymnastic. Trapped in what has become a very untenable menage a trois, Jake finds an imaginative, not to mention ecological, solution to his problem.

A sex comedy with a bite.

Rated: ALR (A Little Racy)

Terri Hanauer, Director Statement

"I've always thought sex was fun - funny actually. So I decided to make a sex-comedy. One man, three women and a dog...You do the math."

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